“Children, I said to her. For the first little while, they not exactly human, you don't find?”
Nalo Hopkinson

Monday, September 20, 2010

Tales From Under A Middle-Aged Colored Woman

Charlotte Gordon, the author of The Woman Who Named God, is writing a book on Mary Wollstonecraft and my recent mammogram showed no evidence of tumors.  Now you might be thinking what the two things have to do with the other.  The thing is there is not a lot of scholarly research being done on the work of comtemporary writers such as Tayari Jones, Martha Southgate, and Lori Tharps.  I am sure you can think of others.  Toni Morrison's writing is brilliant, but she is not the only writer out there doing thought provoking work.

What got me thinking about the subject was Charlotte's generous sharing of her thoughts and feelings on her blog as she is researching her current project.  So many times I have felt that no one could  have been through my life struggles,  Then I hear or read about someone else' life, and reminded once again that it is not true.  I am just another woman who lived on this earth and experienced a certain amount of joy and sadness just like everyone else.  I believe research reveals, believe it or not, that most things have happened before.

In college I did not do very well in Research Writing.  I took too many classes at once and the instructor was not very helpful.  She used much fear in her teaching methods. What her motivation was I will probably never know.  Never the less, I now realize, after the fact, that it is important to have those researching skills because it gives one the ability to influence thought and belief within a culture.  Grades are important, but being able to able to something is more important to me.  So everyone, I am going to be working on my researching skills.  Back to breasts.


For those of you who read Substitute Me by Tharps, I have noticed  a breast motif? going through the novel.  I am wondering if a research paper could be written examining something to do with the provision of nurturing through the breast by black females to white males.  I'm going to write something for practice because I like it and because I want to and because I can.  There are so many subjects in Jones', and Southgates's books that can be researched too.  Read their books and you will probably see many more ideas for study and inquiry than I do. 9-16-10

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