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Monday, October 18, 2010

Tales From Under A Middle-Aged Colored Woman

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The Tea Party

Bev says that they are quite simply just an "Obama Haters' Organization," and I agree with her assessment, but they do use their anger and resentment to make other changes such as voting out incumbents, which could be a good thing depending on the congressional district. I am such a dreamer and I can't help but wonder what it would be like having a party that represented the beliefs of Americans as a whole. What if the Tea Party:

1. Had not started to form in February 2009 before Obama had the chance to change anything?

2A. Spent more time marching and protesting at the companies who received T.A.R.P. money?

2B. Thought the American people as worthy as Wall Street? Why why was it good for President Bush to raise the national debt for Wall Street and wrong for President Obama to raise it to invest in the American people?

2C. Offered workable alternatives to the Stimulus Plan?

3. Tried to get current laws enforced against the employers who hire illegal aliens while lobbying Congress to pass a realistic Immigration Bill?

4A. Reprimanded party members who sing songs about Non-English Speakers and people who spend large amounts of money on gym shoes? And what about those party members who carry posters of Obama depicted as Hitler?

4B. Did not talk abstractly about resegregating private businesses that serve the public?

5. Understood that this is not only their country but that it belongs to all of us, including those who do not always agree with them?

And if they would just do this. Think about it.

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