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Monday, October 18, 2010

YOU HAVE GOT TO READ THIS: Outstanding Feminist Discourse.

Indian Author Sarojini Sahoo of the third wave of feminism and American Attorney and activist Sonia Pressman Fuentes of the second wave discuss, compare, and contrast their particular perspectives of Feminism. These two very intelligent women show that there is more than one way of seeing a difficult problem.  Whether you agree with one, or the other, or some of each, they are both awesome.  Thank God for Woman!  They both gave me a lot to think about.  The debate is on Sarojini Sahoo's blog "Sense and Sensuality."   The link is on the right with my list of favorite blogs.  Enjoy.

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  1. There are a lot of ideas on what feminism is. Let's hope that we all agree that feminism is being treated like an individual, not a man's possession or anyone who has less rights because they are not male. I support Sahoo that the term 'male hegemony' has lost its real meaning.

  2. Hello There. I agree. There probably are as many ideas on feminism as there are of people to think up those ideas and all people need to be respected and appreciated.

    I have not read any of Professor Sahoo's work on feminism except her exchange with Ms. Fuentes. I did not understand from the exchange that the Professor was saying that the term male hegomony has lost its real meaning. I understood her to say that man is not superior to woman and woman is not superior to man, that they are mutually dependent upon the traits of the other.

    How do you define male hegemony?

    Thank you for stopping by.



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