“Children, I said to her. For the first little while, they not exactly human, you don't find?”
Nalo Hopkinson

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tales From Under A Middle-Aged Colored Woman

I'm back from not having internet coverage for a few weeks.  I was with a ISP that had very unsatisfactory service and then I tried to go with another, but couldn't understand their customer service or technical agents.  They were friendly, patient, and in India.   I never did figure out how to set up their DSL.  Finally, I found a company that set me up in a few days.  The library allowed to do a few things online here and there, but it's not like being at home. 

Speaking of the library... I'm in there answering an email and this boy about twelve or thirteen is sitting next to me at a computer trying to practice cussing.  Now I was a woman Marine.  I've heard and on occasion emitted some exquisitely disgusting expressions of profanity, so I thought what he and his companion were saying pretty common, but what knocked me to the floor was that they were cussing in my presence. Some say I don't look my age, but come on.

I looked at the beautiful young man and said, "When I was your age if I spoke like that in front of someone my age, I would have been knocked across the room."

What's wrong with these !@#^*%$! kids?  Here I am almost fifty and still scared to say anything coarse in front of my elders. 

The boy replied, "Maam, I'm sorry," several times and then left the library.

I'm hoping that the next time he starts to speak any kind of foul language he looks around to see who is listening.

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