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Friday, October 28, 2011

Literacy Rates For Individual Countries.

Of course, I expected the United States to be at the top of the list of having adults that can read and write, but according to the CIA, Andorra's rate is one percentage point higher.  The U.S. has a 99 percent rating and Andorra's is 100.  See list here.

 My next thought was "where the hell is Andorra?" 

Andorra is a wealthy European country located between France and Spain.   It makes much of its money through tourism.  It also has a very high life expectancy.

Some of the countries with a higher literacy rate than the United States are Finland, Cuba, Samoa, Greenland, and Uzbekistan.  Catching up with The US are Bulgaria, Taiwan, Spain and Romania. America is tied with the Czech Republic, Canada, North Korea, Guam, and Denmark. 

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