“Children, I said to her. For the first little while, they not exactly human, you don't find?”
Nalo Hopkinson

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Haphazardly All Over The Place.

I'm not getting much done this month.  I am reading ten books and have no idea when I'll finish them.  Wait a minute.  It actually might be eleven or twelve books.  You see it's like this.

Jake has a mass in his salivary gland and that had me worried.  It turned out to be something that has to be monitored every few months.  I am truly thankful.

Bub moved out again at the beginning of the month.  I'm ambivalent; I'm glad he's gone but at the same time I miss him.  This time he's only twenty-five minutes away instead of three states.

It has been unseasonably warm for March.  Today people had shorts on and it's warm enough to wear them.  This weather doesn't make sense to me.  Like what does it mean?

So all of these things may be the reason I can't stick to one book.  It could be that I need to develop some discipline.  I'll think about that.

These are the books I'm reading:
1.  The Piano Lesson by August Wilson.  It's a Pulitzer winning play about a Pittsburgh brother and sister's dispute over the family piano.  I always planned to read the play.  Somehow I never got around to it.I started reading and really like it.  Carl Gordon, Samuel Jackson, Rocky Carroll, and Lou Myers (Mr. Gaines from A Different World) were in a 1987 staging.  In a 1988 staging of the play Carl Gordon, Charles Dutton, and Rocky Carroll.  These three were all on the television show Roc.  Lou Myers was in the 1988 production too.  Then in 1990 S. Epatha Merkerson (Law and Order) and Lisa Gay Hamilton (The Practice) were in the play.  I had zero knowledge of any of this.  I really want to finish reading this.

2.  Midnight Rising: John Brown And The Raid That Sparked The Civil War by Tony Horwitz.  This book and author is related to other books I'm reading or have read..  Horwitz is married to Geraldine Brooks who wrote A Year of Wonders, one of my favorite books.  Brooks won the Pulitzer for March.  I didn't like March.  Not that my opinion matters in this case. (It should.)  I just wanted to say I didn't like it. Michelle Cliff's fictional Free Enterprise is about a woman who participated in John Brown's raid.  Langston Hughes's grandmother's first husband Lewis Leary was killed in the Brown raid.  I love Langston Hughes.  If he was alive, I would be his stalker.  He would be 110 years old.  I don't care.  He would be riding in his electric wheel chair with me on his lap.

3.  The Life Of Langston Hughes: Volume II 1941-1967 by Arnold Rampersad.  I read Volume I a couple of years ago.  Langston Hughes was an amazing American.  Somehow he always kept moving ahead no matter what. He traveled all over the world, to Europe, Africa, Russia, and all over the United States and yet he never had any money.

4.  Home of the Brave  Katherine Applegate.  It is the story of a young Sudanese refugee who moves to Minnesota after his brother, father, uncle, and two cousins are murdered.  He refers to the airplane as a "flying boat."

There are about 7 more books to write about.  My internet keeps going out so I'm going to post this part of the list now while I can.  This will definitely be continued.

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